Traditional underwriters look at the past to decide their future moves. At AccuRisk, we’d rather keep our eyes front and stay ahead of the curve. That’s just one way we do things differently.


It’s Not About Us­—It’s About You

We could tell you that AccuRisk Solutions is one of the nation’s largest independent Managing General Underwriters. We could tell you about our innovative products or our unparalleled customer service. We could tell you about our quick turnaround times or 300+ cumulative years of experience. But we’d rather hear about what you need.

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Custom Solutions for YOUR Needs

Our clients deserve custom-built plans, not off-the-shelf programs. Our products are unique and cost-effective solutions to provide improved outcomes and enhanced risk mitigation. Whether that’s medical stop loss backed by Nationwide®, our AccuRisk254 non-subscription plan, or our other industry-leading solutions, we have the answers—and options—you’ve been searching for.

AccuRisk offers:

  • Medical Stop Loss plans backed by Nationwide®
  • AccuRisk254, our unique non-subscription program
  • Specialized programs for trucking and the gig economy

Working Together, Seriously.

Dan Boisvert, AccuRisk’s CEO, says we’re an improvement company, not a processing entity. We augment our clients’ business, not just serve it—and that starts with building real relationships. We’re always looking for Brokers, Agents and Third-Party Administrators that want more from their benefits underwriter. If that’s you, we’d love talk.

Keeping Up with Dan

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